Zach Barocas, Diasporist Diarist

Inspiration: Wadada Leo Smith

The […] thing is that notion of cre­ativ­ity, not being afraid to explore your instru­ment, to allow the instru­ment to sound the way it will sound by itself no mat­ter what you do to it. An instru­ment has a qual­ity that, if you allow it to share it with you, to be a part of what you’re doing, it will give you a sound that no one else has. It will give you artic­u­la­tion and shapes or musi­cal phrases and struc­tures that no one has, and it will intro­duce this extra sonic aspect. It’s all inside the instru­ment, but most peo­ple fight hard to keep it from com­ing out.

— Wadada Leo Smith (inter­viewed here)