Lake Elsinore, CA, March 15, 2019

Superbloom lake elsinore california poppies color photography zach barocas

I took this photo nearly four years ago, near Lake Elsinore, Calfornia. While visiting Los Angeles, a friend told me I had to get out to see the superbloom, that I’d never seen anything like it, and he was right. All of the conditions that collude in the poppy bloom were present that year, and if I was too late to catch all of the colors,1 there were still miles and miles of these yellow/orange ones covering entire hill faces and valleys. It was breathtaking.

  1. My friend had photos of purple ones, too, and pink, as I recall. When I first saw the photos he sent me, I thought he was messing around with some kind of infrared filter, which, of course, he was not.