Rather than subject myself to the endless appetite of endless scrolling, I’ve lately been spending time surfing the web again. This shouldn’t seems like such an archaic path,1 but it sort of feels like one. Heading in several directions, perhaps, with no algorithm to guide me, 2 the only guiding force is my own curiosity.

  1. even if the nomenclature demands that the undirected act of clicking through links online appear in italics or quotes.

  2. Algorithms, of course, are the drivers of platforms, not the internet.

“What is it that makes you conceive whatever it is that you are conceiving? I should say, first of all, sticking purely to musical matters, the memory of all music you’ve ever heard before.” —Leonard Bernstein

Back from the New Freedom Sound session at Magpie Cage in Baltimore. Much to report and material to sift through. Hopefully, I ’ll have some of each worked up soon. Also, for anyone who is following along, the record-a-day plan will resume tomorrow.