Mastodon and

I’m having a great time acting like I’m online in 2006 or something, reading blogs, thinking about ways to organize or publish my bits and bobs, thoughts, fancies — and as much as I’m also enjoying Mastodon and (again), I can feel some of the aspects of such platforms creeping up on me. appeals to me most for several reasons, not least of which is that it doesn’t feed into the vanity and self-seeking of likes and follows. These tallies are unavailable to users, and for presumably good reason: there’s no motivation there to do anything except what one wants, no likes to get, no followers to count. It feels sort of vacant at first, but much like blogging 1 you just sort of get in there and do it. Post what you think is important or just cool and move on. Read what you think is cool or just important and post a link to it.

I imported the accounts I follow on Mastodon into my account, and frankly, I might delete them from there. They seem out of place somehow, as if they’re vying for attention or reaction. It takes some getting used to and for some people, might serve no practical purpose. I find for myself, though, I want a place to learn some things, and catch up a bit. The rest of it was wearing on me even before Twitter was purchased.

  1. or at least the kind of blogging I’ve always done.