Music Books Minor Move

I had earlier today an impulsive, harebrained idea to reorganize some of the books in my study. I would do something with the poetry, move some of it out to the big bookcases in the living room. But a cursory glance at those cases reminded me how much poetry is already there, and that it would probably take several hours to complete the move, given the reorganization my reorganization would require. So I decided instead that I should separate the music books from the other stuff in here (my study). There was no reason for this separation but I pursued it anyway. No less harebrained but far more contained.

I’m happy to report that it bore some bibliographic fruit! I found a handful of books that I either forgot I had or set aside for just a moment or thought I’d get back to.1 Which doesn’t mean I have any more time to read them than I did before I lost track of them but it’s nice to have them handy when I have some time to dig in.

  1. Hello, Julius Eastman biography! Hello Loft Jazz! Nice to see you, As Serious As Your Life! Etc. ↩︎