The new season of Serial (season 4) is terrific so far. A compelling, thoughtful look at Guantánamo Bay. The show has been sort of hit-or-miss for me: Season 1 (Adnan Syed in Baltimore) set a high bar, not just for this show but for podcasting in general. Season 2 (The Army deserter) was difficult to follow at first — might have been an editing problem, trying to get too many characters into the story, maybe too complicated for the medium. Season 3 (Cleveland Courts) was back on top.

There’s the confusion, too, of Serial Productions shows, produced through the New York Times, which are mostly great but not the show Serial. “Nice White Parents” takes place in the neighborhood where our shop is, so that was enlightening is some personal ways. I didn’t (or haven’t?) gotten through the Laramie show but on balance, these are all great shows and I recommend them.

Sara Koenig recorded a message recently (which I can’t find but you probably can if you want to) explaining the distinction between Serial and Serial Productions. It was helpful. I can’t be the only listener who was missing new seasons due to a seemingly complicated subscription array. One might resolve this by following both producers on X (formerly twitter) or something. My solution was to subscribe to Serial Productions via RSS and Serial in Overcast.