photo by Shane Gardner

I’m Zach Barocas. I’m a drummer (I play Dream Cymbals and Ludwig Drums), sometime poet (though not lately), a publisher, a somewhat cranky cinephile, and an amateur photographer. I live with my wife in Brooklyn, NY.
I have another, simpler website that I post to sometimes, so you might have a look over there as well.
I’m on Twitter, and Instagram. I use as a kind of fulcrum for online posts, but I have no followers there and am not sure it’s for everyone, least of all me. It’s an independent platform, though, like this one, and I’m a believer in not giving everything we do to corporate interests, data mining, and advertising. And although it’s hard to talk about those things without sounding hostile, I think we need to talk about them anyway, as sensitively and effectively as possible.
Feel free to drop me a line if you want to. Especially if you want to talk about Save the Tiger, books, photography, poetry, music, fairness, justice, or peace.